Fog train

word:Han Han
composing:Li Jian (adapted from Narita for "three songs of the seaside")
compose:Liu Zhuo
that was the train in the fog
to me when I was young
it makes me lonely every day
's heart goes to the edge of the sky with it
and then and then ah
then I'll go to the other side of the sky
my sweetheart is in the sky
far away I've come to bring everything with me
the city of dreams I'm your man
far away, I came to the lights of a tall building.
that's my star
this is not the train in the fog
when I left again
is no longer a teenager and no more adventures.
and then ah then ah
then no one is going to say goodbye to me
always says in the sky on the horizon
does not know which side of the sky
goodbye and I've worked hard
forgive me for being unable to make a fire
home good-bye and I can only pass by
forgive me to go on drifting
who remember the train in the fog
is like me in the sea of people
that home from far away
pass by and miss it
producer:Liu Zhuo
Guitar:Golden Day
string:the international chief Philharmonic Orchestra
chief:Li Peng
clarinet:Li Wei
recorder:Guo Fei
music promotion marketing:running monster