Orion constellation

Lyrics :Pu Shu
Arrangement:Pu Shu
Do you remember the night at that time?
How did it come?
Nothing to say, like from the sky
Light as fingertips
Are you getting the life you are looking forward to?
The sound of the tide in the dream
How did they slip through the fingers?
like the wind blowing in the wilderness
The world is in the fog, those people are talking
Come on, I’m gone.
I have never seen this maze.
All the wrong intersections
The dead people stayed in the night sky
lighted up for you
Sometimes you take the wind, sometimes you sink.
Sometimes there is a rainbow at midnight
Sometimes you sing a song, sometimes you are silent.
Sometimes you look at the sky
Love, floating yellow, quiet time
In the morning, the sun, where is my destination?
Bass:Dong Boning
Accordion :肖樱竺
Cello:Zhao Yunpeng / Guan Zhengyue / Yang Changqi
English Horn :Xie Wei
Environment sound effect :Luo Yufu
Programming /Guitars /Melodica /Keyboards & Synthesizer:Pu Shu
Recorded By Lu Nan, Dong Boning
Mixed By Lu Nan