Fresh breeze, the sound of the surf
Your beauty lured you
Your tan, like the color of this sand.
This summer, we both can not sleep.
Take my hands and hold me tight.
Love is shallow, take me in your arms.
In the rhythm of the dance, in this sea
You swim, shtm the surf.
As if in a fairy tale, dancing eyes
Your scent is driving me crazy
Princess of the sun, you're my baby.
You're my summer, girl ...
I see you, I lose my mind
Shivers on the body from this sound
I love when you are, so impulsive
Move, baby, dance so beautiful
Time stopped, I felt.
Again we are together, again these feelings
Again to us in a year of 92 days
Given to you and me, Girl Summer.
Take me and press me hard
Hearing the sound of the surf of this wave.
Girl, you'll wake up in the morning
Look at me and smile sweetly.
Your view is like a lush ocean
I'm drowning in you or you baby is drunk
You're my alcohol, you're my drug.
You're my personal buzz, you're my cat.
Let's stay with me this summer
Let's face these dawns together.
The sunset is visible, the eyes are burning so
Move your body, Girl Summer.