League of Legends Epic Dubstep(LOL Remix)

雷恩加尔:Tonight,we hunt.
迦娜:The tempest is at your command.
嘉文四世:By my will - this shall be finished.
杰斯:I fight for a bright tomorrow.
孙悟空:I will be the best.
瑞兹:Let's go.Let's go.
亚托克斯:This battle will be my masterpiece.
加里奥:A guardian is always prepared.
阿利斯塔:Nothing can hold me back!
德莱厄斯:They will regret opposing me.
李青:Your will,my hands.
卡尔玛:Always trust your spirit.
伊泽瑞尔:Time for a true display of skill.
慎:A demonstration of superior judgement.
潘森:They are privileged to die at my feet.
卢锡安:Everybody dies,some just need little help.
娜美:I decide what tide to bring.
兰博:Let's get in the fight.
瑟庄妮:Trust Nothing but your Strength!
锐雯:What is broken can be reforged!
阿狸:Don't you trust me?
艾瑞莉娅:My blade is at your service.
艾尼维亚:On my wings.
德莱文:Welcome to the League of Draven.
盖伦:To the field of justice.
戴安娜:A new moon is rising.
雷克顿:As I live,all will die.
内瑟斯:The cycle of life and death continues,we will live,they will die.