Redemption journey

Like the rainbow that opens the sky after the rain
This simple seven notes come from the sun
This is such an incredible light
illuminated the world
From your endless love
Lighting my life
also illuminates my heart
Every time I hear this free rhythm
It will always wake me up in a flash.
This is the most leisurely dance of time.
is the season of rotation
茫茫Endless world
Life and death
Towards the ultimate of splendor
This comes from the sunny colorful melody
Gift me to the heart of freedom to fly
Never stop is your endless love.
is beyond this cycle
is the rainbow road leading to the bliss
Our Redemption Tour
The dream that has always been in my heart
I changed this world with my life.
It’s been a flash of hope
Guide me through the world
So eager to pray every day
Can usher in the awakening of life
Until now, whenever you whisper
I found that it has always been
I was saved by your love
Singed to save