One Solo Song

Inadvertently stepping back in the misty night rain
Is it okay to repeat the footprints of the past?
People cry in the cold wind and hate it.
Just think it's a dream passing by.
I can't remember the heart song I played with you.
Hum out that tune, but without your chorus and Chorus
As long as we know, the delusion has been broken.
I saw you lying quietly asleep and leaving me behind.
People are right or wrong in love
Originally, there was no result but preference for fire.
Love is the most insane thing.
Unfortunately, this misunderstanding turned out to be a great mistake of despair.
Remember the day when you were crying and singing in the street.
It's just sad that I didn't love as much as you did.
Forgive me, will you please look at me again?
It's me who's sitting down on the shore after today.
Sit on the shore after today
It's me who's left low