I love you, goodbye.

The summer like fire
The summer dance of the monks
You jump to my side
Lady shall we dance
When you say love me night
It’s so sweet.
I love you forever
Where can I have anything forever?
It’s no need to argue again.
Next dance partner replacement
The lost will never return
Are you regretting it? I want to die at night.
Are you forgiving? Love you and hurt you again.
Why are you leaving like this?
Why can't you fall in love?
Until we die.
Where have you gone? All love and vows
I am a tearful lover.
Time has changed everything
When I slowly forget your face
Let the story happen again.
I am full of regrets in my life.
No need to come back
No need to change anything
Life continues, the dance never stops.
This is a wonderful story.
Thank you, my brave lover.
for the intoxicating night
We are all covered with scars
I love you, my lonely lover.
I loved you without reservation.
Give me never forget
How lucky I have been lost
When you are the most beautiful
Let me meet you.
So I fell in love with you.
I love you, goodbye.
I love you, goodbye.
I love you, goodbye.
I love you, goodbye.