Lake Baikal

Lyrics :Li Jian
in my arms, in your eyes
The spring breeze is there, the green grass there.
The moonlight filled the lake with love.
The bonfire of two people illuminates the whole night
How many years later, I walked like a cloud
The steps of the transformation make it difficult for us to hold hands.
How many lives have you and me?
was engulfed in the moonlight night
Think more about one day, and reproduce it in the past.
We are lingering on the shores of Lake Baikal
How many years later, the past is going with the clouds
The snow and ice that can't fit the gentleness
This life is too little
Not enough to prove the affection of melting ice and snow
On one day, you suddenly appeared.
You are clear and mysterious on the shores of Lake Baikal
You are clear and mysterious, like the shore of Lake Baikal.